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Opening Doors for Families
Final Report

Every family deserves a safe place to call home.

In the Greater Richmond region, thousands of children and parents are homeless or living precariously in hotels. Housing Families First offers housing counseling, financial assistance, and an array of other services to help families move from homelessness to a home of their own.

We are glad you are a part of our village. Thank you for creating transformational opportunities for families in our community.

An illness. A cut in work hours. A marriage that breaks up. A car that breaks down. An unpaid utility bill. A rise in rent. Each family’s path into homelessness is different, but there are common challenges that families face. One of the biggest and most widespread challenges is the lack of deeply affordable housing, making it difficult for families to keep a roof over their heads.

More than 100 people living in families in Greater Richmond were experiencing homelessness on a given night in January 2019, just two months after the launch of Opening Doors for Families: A Capital Campaign for Housing Families First. 

Then, family homelessness spiked after the onset of the pandemic. By July 2021, the number of families experiencing homelessness in the Richmond region was 196 percent higher than in July 2019 (Homeward 2022). 

Fortunately, by mid-2022, the number of families experiencing homelessness had dropped by 67 percent over a six-month period, bringing the numbers closer to pre-pandemic levels.

Thanks to the generosity of our village and the successful completion of Opening Doors for Families, Housing Families First is poised to provide a path to permanent housing and reduce homelessness for even more Richmond-area families.

At the launch of the campaign:

People in Richmond families experiencing homelessless each day:

0 +

Richmond students experiencing homelessness during the school year: 


Fully handicapped-accessible family shelter bedrooms with bathrooms available:


“It’s been an honor to watch the transformation of Housing Families First over the past couple of years. More families experiencing homelessness get into permanent housing because of the hardworking staff and volunteers at HFF.  HFF has gained world-wide recognition due to their incredible efforts and this has helped them build better resources to support the Richmond area community. “

– Housing Families First Board Member and Capital Campaign Co-Chair, Becky McNeer


“One of the key principles of our philanthropic charter is that we value gifts of time, talent, and treasure — because it takes more than just dollars to run this operation, it takes a village. With this campaign, we wanted to welcome as many passionate community advocates as possible to the HFF family because we have a lot of work ahead of us. In the end, I can’t imagine being on a better path than we are today.”

– Housing Families First Board Member and Capital Campaign Co-Chair, Will Melton

“Our hearts are filled with gratitude! Housing Families First partnered with us and gave the necessary resources for a smooth transition from homelessness to restoration! Their team truly showed compassion and fully understood the unexpected hard times that any family could face. They gave realistic support and carefully committed to the work that it takes to get a family back on their feet.”


– The C Family


With a successful track record of programmatic excellence and sound financial performance, in 2018, HFF launched Opening Doors for Families: A Capital Campaign for Housing Families First to raise $4,400,000 to expand programming, renovate our facilities, and make critically-needed capital improvements to our campus.

Opening Doors for Families is reducing family homelessness in Greater Richmond by significantly expanding the number of available housing options for families facing homelessness, while also transforming the physical space in which those housing services are delivered. As a result, the lives of literally hundreds of Richmond families annually will be changed as they are able to access a safe place to call home.

Key components of this campaign included the creation of a private entrance for shelter guests, an additional, fully-accessible bedroom and bathroom suite, 10 additional shelter beds, a larger gathering space for residents, private spaces for client meetings, and new playgrounds and play areas for children and youth. The campus received major upgrades including new flooring, furniture, energy-efficient systems to improve air quality and climate control, roofing, and commercial laundry facilities. Additional office spaces for staff and additional parking for clients and volunteers have allowed for a more trauma-informed and pleasant client experience.

In addition to Housing Families First’s two existing programs, Hilliard House Emergency Shelter and Building Neighbors Rapid Re-Housing, Opening Doors for Families enabled the launch of a third program, Bringing Families Home, designed to help students and their families living in hotels or overcrowded situations to move into permanent homes. The enhanced space and additional programming positions Housing Families First to better meet the needs of the families we serve.

At the conclusion of the campaign:

Additional people served annually:


Shelter beds added:


Square feet added:


Dollars Raised:

$ 0

Thanks to our Donors


Alan & Lorinda Griffin

Alex Criqui

Alexis & Dan Bullard

Alice Thompson

Allison Nida

Allison Shelton

Altise M. Street

Amanda Towles

Ameera Daudani

Amy Farabow

Amy Melchior

Andrew Farabow

Andrew Foster

Andy & Anji Lacatell

Angela Barnes-Hargress

Angela Jewell

Anne Delaney

Anne M. Pollard

Annie Hedrick


Anthony Romanello

Artan Cami

Ava Adenauer

Barbara G. Earley

Barbara Null

Becky & Andy McNeer

Ben & Loretta English

Bernadine Doggett

Beth Vann-Turnbull & Scott Turnbull

Beverly J. R. Tyler

Bill Walsh

Bob Newman

Brian Koziol

Brian Little

Camden Taylor

Carol M. Bassett

Carol Throckmorton

Caroline Nowery

Carrie Ann McCoy

Catherine L. Barkley

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Christy Yates

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Constance Pechura & James Ingram

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Dana Mayo

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Daniel Hicks

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Dolphine Montague

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Donna Jamison

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Erin & Carl Adams

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Helen & Wilhelm Zuelzer

Inga Sund

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James Williams & Albert Boswell

Janet McCatty

Jasmine Martin

Jason B. Roop

Jennifer Banks

Jennifer Clarke

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Jenny & Matt Waring

Jenny Kacani

Jeremy Colb

Jim & Melinda Burnette

Jimmy Comer

Joan & Steven Garton

Joan Thornhill

Joey Hammond

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John & Susan Burton

John Arkesteyn & Victoria Sweeney Arkesteyn

John B. Beirne, Jr.

Jonathan Knopf & Mary Beth Yates

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Jovan & Emily Burton

Joy Haynesworth

Joy Joyner

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Julie Beirne Miller & Faron Miller

Julie Neville

Karen Durkin

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Katherine Campbell

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Kayla Giambra

Kelley Walls

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Kelsey McMahon

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Kerrie Arkwell

Kevin Michael Woodson

Kiyoko Timmons

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Monica Lucas

Mr. & Mrs. Tim & Lauren Timmons

Myrtle Brown

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Natalie Strother

Nikita Ford

Olivia Deputy

Pamela Putney

Patricia P. Spence

Patricia Peregoy & Marian Pfahning

Patricia Perry

Paul Agrillo

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Paula Young Perez

Quentin & Tracey van Marcke de Lummen

Rachael Daniels

Randall G. Welch

Ravneet Kaur

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Reza & Christy Omarzai

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Robert & Eden Glenn

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Sharon Perez

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Sherri Bowman

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Sonja E. Volker

Sophia Lawson

Susan Herzick

Swetha Kumar

Sydney Robison

Tammy L. Jones

Tammy Stephens

Tawana Demery

Taylor Brannan

The Iguina Family

The McCann Family Fund

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Troy Long

Valerie & Aaron Myers

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Vicki Hauser

Victor D. Ramos

Wanda Heath

Watina Duren

Will Melton & Courtney Turrin

William Deutsch

Zachary Miller


Archangel Protective Services, LLC

Atlantic Union Bank

Atlantic Valve

Charlie Bickel Real Estate

Commercial Surfaces Flooring, LLC


Dominion Due Diligence Group

DPR Construction

Hobbs & Associates

Industrial Control Systems

Regina DF Designs

Richmond Association of Realtors

S&P Global Foundation

SDV Solutions, Inc

Shaheen, Ruth, Martin & Fonville Real Estate

State Farm

Target Giving Circle

Taxing Authority Consulting
Services, PC

TowneBank Richmond Foundation

Troutman Pepper

Virginia Community 

Development Fund

Virginia Housing



Day One Families Fund

Community Foundation for a greater Richmond

Marietta McNeill Morgan & Samuel Tate Morgan, Jr. Trust

Reinhart Foundation

Richard S. Reynolds Foundation

Robins Foundation

The Bob & Anna Lou Schaberg Foundation

The Henricus Foundation

The Mary Morton Parsons Foundation

The Cabell Foundation

The Sheldon H. Short, Jr. Trust

The William H. –  John G. – 
Emma Scott Foundation


First Baptist Church of Richmond

Ginter Park Presbyterian Church

St. Michael The Archangel Catholic Church

Tuckahoe Presbyterian Church


Alpha Kappa Alpha,
ORO Chapter

Henrico East Rotary Club

Impact 100 Richmond

Jack and Jill of America Inc,
Richmond Virginia Chapter

The Rotary Club
of Richmond

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